Brian Harms Memorial Race (May 14)

This page will be updated as more information becomes available

Brian Harms Memorial Race FAQ 2016 (updated April 11, 2016)

Brian Harms 2016 Map

Sponsorship Information


  • Sunday May 10, 2017 (Mother’s Day!)

Race Start Times (To be Confirmed):

  • 8:00AM – 16KM Walkers
  • 8:30AM – Kid’s Fun Run
  • 9:00AM – 16KM Runners / 8KM Runners / 8KM Walkers
  • 9:05AM – 5KM Runners / 5KM Walkers


  • TBA


  • 400M Kid’s Fun Run
  • 5KM Run
  • 5KM Walk (no running)
  • 8KM Run
  • 8KM Walk (no running)
  • 16KM Run
  • 16KM Walk (no running)


  • TBA

Race Package Pickup:

  • TBA


New Info for Elite Athletes:

This race is for the enjoyment and benefit of all runners and walkers.  If you are currently being sponsored (eg. College athletics) or receiving endorsements of any kind, you will be ineligible for podium recognition and prizing.  Please identify if you are an elite athlete.  You will be placed into a separate category for recognition of race placement.  Thank you.

Participate in both the Brian Harms Memorial Race and theDHT Press Run/Walk and be entered into the 30/40 Anniversary Challenge!

Participate in the Brian Harms Memorial Race, the DHT Press Run/Walk, AND Don’t Get Lost in the Woods , and be entered into the Triple Crown Challenge!

 * Don’t have a membership yet? You can purchase one here!

Who is Brian Harms?



2016 Results

16k Walk

8k Walk

5k Walk

16k Run

8k Run

5k Run

12 thoughts on “Brian Harms Memorial Race (May 14)

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  2. I missed the Brian Harms race medal presentation because I had to attend a Mothers’ Day function. Is there anyway I can pick up the medal now?


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