Timeless Race (July/August)

When: To be determined (July/August)

Where: It’s a secret until the day of the race, then you will receive an email that evening informing you of the location (it will be in Grande Prairie or close proximity).

Who: This event is open to everyone, but children must have the ability to predict their own time AND be accompanied by an adult (if 12 or under).

Premise: You won’t know the course route or exact distance ahead of time (it will be between 3-6KM). When you arrive at the race you will be told the distance and race route, and you have to predict when you’ll finish. There are no watches, timing devices, or distance trackers allowed (the honour system is in effect).

The person who guesses the closest to their estimated time is the winner!

It’s not about speed, it’s about knowing your pace!

Cost: Please bring $5 cash to the event.

Registration link will be posted once registration is open.

father time

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