Survey Highlights

Thank you to everyone who responded to our survey. We’ve put together a few responses to some of the comments provided.

Those of you on Facebook would have already seen some of these responses. But that leads me to comment and response #1:

  1. Better advertisement, some people don’t use Facebook.

Absolutely! We could definitely do a better job at that. We try as much as possible to post everything from our website then share it to Facebook. Sometimes it’s out of our control, races not organized by our club tend to get advertised on our Facebook page. Some things still slip through the cracks, and we will be more mindful of that in 2018.

Outside events have always been welcome to advertise on our Facebook page, but we have found advertising on behalf of other events on our website was too time-consuming to maintain.

Aside from our website and Facebook, there are other forms of advertisement like radio and newspaper, of course. We would love to see some volunteers interested in advertising step up this year at our AGM on February 25 (10 a.m. at Eastlink Centre Boardroom) to handle some of that advertising for us as a media liaison or marketing director.

2. A couple of comments were related to the cost of our races. One respondent said “it shouldn’t cost $50+ to race 5k.”

It may cost more than you may realize to put on a race (paying for timers, paying volunteer groups since no one wants to work for free, paying St. John’s Ambulance to keep everyone safe, paying for swag that participants may not end up buying, just to name some of the costs) and we’ve also been lacking the resources in recent years in volunteers to help source sponsors for our races. However, none of our races cost more than $45 to enter.

In fact, if you had a membership, the most you would pay for our races was $35. I think sometimes because we do share everyone’s races on our Facebook page, it gets confusing about who is organizing that race.

Last year, we put on the Resolution Run (free), Brian Harms ($11-$45), Press Run ($11-45), and the Jingle Bell Run (donations to the food bank).

We would definitely encourage you to attend a club meeting if you have concerns about the costs and where the money goes. Volunteer your time and see what it takes to put on a race.

3. More races! More running groups!

There is nothing we would love more than to put on more races, events, and running groups. Unfortunately, what we lack is the volunteers. Volunteers on event day (because everyone tends to want to participate instead) and volunteers to help organize these events and lead training groups. The survey results themselves show the huge gap we have between amount of people who want events and who are willing to help. The majority of those we classed as “yes” were people who said maybe. At the end of the survey, we asked those who did say yes to send us an email. We got about 3 emails.

So as much as we would love to have an event as often as every month, we need way more people to help out. So if you have an idea for a fun run and have the motivation to help organize it, come to a meeting! We will build a committee and make it happen!


Sponsorship Information

We have two groups involved in the DHT Press Run/Walk this year, KidSport and the Army Cadets.

As a club we feel that these two groups provide valuable programs that allow the youth in our community to live an active and healthy lifestyle. We are looking for sponsorship for this event and are hoping that you will partner with us for this year’s race.

Click here for sponsorship options.

Thank you for your support!