Walk, Run & More – Free Running and Walking Sessions

One of our club sponsors – Walk, Run & More, hosts free running and walking sessions from their location:

10029 – 100 Ave, Downtown Grande Prairie
Phone 780-513-1136
Email: info@walkrun.ca

Group Runs on Wednesdays from 6:00 – 7:00PM
Group Runs on Saturdays from 8:30 – 10:00AM
Power Walks on Thursdays from 12:05 – 12:50PM

If the temperature according to Environment Canada is -25° C including wind
chill 30 minutes prior, the run or walk will be cancelled.


GPRWC Executive Council Response to Survey 2013

The Grande Prairie Run/Walk Club would like to thank everyone who responded to our survey in June of this year. We value your feedback and would like to take this opportunity to provide our comments.

We sincerely appreciate the positive feedback you gave regarding our races and events. You provided comments such as “very organized”, “great volunteers”, “positive atmosphere”, and “good food”. These are definitely the goals we aspire to achieve. Areas where we can do better are to improve our signage on our race routes and ensure our volunteers have all of the correct information pertaining to the event.

Race distances were mentioned, particularly with regard to the DHT Press Run, in that it would be good to add a 5k distance, and also a full marathon (42k). This is certainly an area for our executive to explore in terms of the logistics in how to accommodate this.

The majority of you had no trouble using our online registration tool for memberships and race registration, once we got through our first year of working out the bugs on our new website. We have been fortunate to have had very good response time for troubleshooting with Colleen and Jennifer whenever we had an issue. We are addressing the comments about our website being a bit cluttered as we had noticed that, too. In terms of getting running/walking information to you, it appears we’ve done well so we will continue to use email, Facebook, and have recently added a Twitter account to really get the info out there quickly!

The questions about Press Run training provided many comments from “don’t change a thing” to “doesn’t work for me” to “wish it was back at the Leisure Centre”. This is another area that needs to be discussed amongst the executive to come up with the best possible solution.

We also have plans to make some improvements, based on your feedback, to the DHT Press Run/Walk. Improved course markings to ensure everyone stays on-course as well as changes to the staggering of race times (more time between walkers and runners; kids starting at a different time than runners).

We received a few comments from some participants within the walking community who felt that the club was more of a “running club” than a “walking club”. We encourage walkers to attend our events and we will continue to provide opportunities for their participation in races and on the executive.

New last year, was our first AGM/Social which was very well attended by both members and potential new members. Most comments were very positive as it gave people a chance to meet the executive and talk with other like-minded individuals, as well as get memberships or sign up for Press Run training. We know that there was way too much food and will be making a few changes for this event for next year.

Our goal as a community club is to encourage healthy lifestyles through physical activity. Based on your comments, we feel that we continue to achieve that goal. Many people ask us “when does the club meet for a run/walk?” We have attempted on many occasions to provide a weekly meeting place and time with little success. So YOU are the club – all of YOU who get out there for a run or walk, either individually or as a group. YOU, who participate in our major events or our fun social events. YOU, who encourage others to join in the pursuit of healthy living. YOU are the GP Run/Walk Club and your participation in invaluable to our continued

– Executive Council, 2013