2/14 Challenge

Complete the Brian Harms Memorial Race on May 14, 2017

and the DHT Press Run/Walk on May 27, 2017

and be entered to win a $214 gift card to use with one of our sponsors.


One thought on “2/14 Challenge

  1. Hello, My name is Larry Danielson and from 1982-1984 I went to Capilano College with Brian Harms and we were friends and classmates. I was surprised to inadvertently learn of his passing while at a gym
    here in Vancouver when I saw someone wearing a t-shirt with Brian Harms memorial race printed on it.
    I was sad to realize this, but more at how young he was when he passed on. I remember him as being very friendly and unassuming, and the kind of person anyone would want for a friend. I did not know what the reason was for his untimely death, but would appreciate any information you could provide. He also ran several races and a marathon during his time in Vancouver, and did quite well. Thanks.


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