Welcome Freshii!

We have exciting news, members! We are very pleased to announce a brand new membership sponsor for 2018… Freshii!


Freshii’s mantra is Eat. Energize. We felt that fit in perfectly with what our members want to do, so when you buy a GP Run/Walk membership for 2018, you will get 10% off at Freshii. Borrowed from their website, Freshii has “7 different menu categories – bowls, burritos, salads, wraps, soups, smoothies & juices – and each one is full of innovation.” Find them across from Intersport (another club sponsor!) on the west side.

If you’ve already purchased a membership for 2018, check your email for a note about how to get your discount (it’s a pass-phrase, rather than showing your card).


Freshii’s website (check out the menu!)

Freshii GP on Facebook

Get your 2018 membership here