Important Info for Family Memberships

For those with family memberships, you can now add your family members’ names to your printed or electronic membership, which will come in handy when shopping with our awesome sponsors (Ernie’s Sports Experts, Intersport, Walk Run & More, Action).

Here’s how… just 6 easy steps!

Don’t have a membership? Click here for more info.

1. Log into

2. Click your name at the top right and click on Tickets:

click tickets

3. Find your GP Run/Walk Club membership (must be a family membership, remember) and click on it:

click membership

4.  On the right-hand side, click Edit:


5.  Now go ahead and add up to 4 family members (family membership is Up to 2 adults and 4 children aged 17 and under, living at the same address).  Then click Save.

family info

6. When you’re back on the order page, click Print Tickets:


You will now see your family members on your ticket. This will be visible on the app too!


Questions?  Email us!


3 thoughts on “Important Info for Family Memberships

  1. When will the email sign up for the DHT Press Run be coming. I had told Emily I would still do the door prize table earlier but no formal sign up yet. Shirley Suecroft 

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