Club Executive Changes

Thanks to everyone who came out bright and early for the Muffin Fun Run/Walk and the AGM!

We are sorry to see two executive members step down this year, Laurie Lyle (president) and Denise Martin (secretary). Thank you so much for your amazing dedication and hard work.

At the same time, we are excited to introduce some fresh faces. Here is the executive for 2016:

President – Hans Bjornson
Chairs the meetings, organizes and delegates various work and/or projects.

Vice President – Donlea Holman
Chairs the meetings in the absence of the President, assists with work and/or projects.

Treasurer – Judy Tremblay
Manages the finances.

Secretary – Olivia Greenham
Attends the meetings and records the meetings.

Website Coordinator – Jennifer Bowen
Manages the database of memberships/registrations, manages race registrations, designs and operates website, writes and distributes newsletters/emails, manages the club Facebook and Twitter pages.

Media Liaison – vacant
Provides the media with various forms of networking and media.

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