Door Prize Winners

We have a big list of racers and volunteers who may not have picked up their door prizes. If you’re on this list, please email us ( and we’ll let you know how you can pick up your prize!

  • Alan Arlidge
  • Alexandra Bromling
  • Ashley Callon
  • Bev Ciura
  • Cairlyn Reid
  • Carmen Morken
  • Catherine Cocking
  • Chad Ramsay
  • Claire Eleason
  • Corbyn Bromling
  • Cory Meeuwissen
  • Danielle Ordyniec
  • Dave Meise
  • Freddi Bromling
  • Glysdi Indargan
  • Helen Moore
  • Hisham KArami
  • Ingrid Natterquist
  • Jacinda Grabas
  • Jacy Stewart
  • James Hamm
  • Jane Battig
  • Jennifer Sieben
  • Jennifer Stinson
  • Jodi Minton
  • Josephine Natterquist
  • Kade Singer
  • Kalina Noel
  • Karen Fimrite
  • Karly Fleming
  • Krissy Hirscher
  • Leah Austin
  • Lori Murrin
  • Martin Garreau
  • Maureen Carter
  • Max Probst
  • Michelle Murray
  • Nate Fleming
  • Nicole Gillis
  • Olivia Greenham
  • Pam Sawers
  • Peter Martin
  • Ralph Morris
  • Randi Miller
  • Raye Lynn Russell
  • Ryder Moulun
  • Sandy Taylor
  • Shahinaz Sabaa
  • Shannon Mack
  • Shay Gillespie
  • Volunteer known as: Pam Foley’s son
  • Volunteer known as: CDT Allen 2
  • Volunteer known as: Heath T.
  • Volunteer known as: L. Cpl Davis
  • Volunteer known as: Mr. Wald
  • Volunteer: known as: Mr. Allen
  • Waverly Dumais
  • Wendy Moar
  • Werner Schmakeit


30/40 Anniversary Challenge Winners

Previously known as the 2/14 challenge – Name changed (this year) on the account the races are not 14 days apart and to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the Brian Harms Race and the DHT Press Run/Walk.

Qualified runners/walkers completed the Brian Harms Memorial Race on May 8, 2016

and the DHT Press Run/Walk on May 28, 2016

Here are the winners! (winners have been contacted – email us if you haven’t heard from us –

$500 Male & Female 18+: Brady Masik and Angie Stockley

$250 Male & Female 13-17:  Colby Stang and Makayla Hughes

$100 Male & Female U13: Corbyn Bromling and Emery Ambros

Last Day to Register for the DHT Press Run/Walk

If you haven’t registered for the DHT Press Run/Walk yet, today is the very last day to do it! This is your last reminder!
Package pickup is Friday May 27 at Ernie’s Sports Experts from 3-7 pm.
Race day is Saturday May 28:
7:45 21k Walk Start
8:15 Kids 3k Start
8:45 10k Walk Start / 21k Run Start
9:00 5k Run/Walk Start & 10k Run Start
*Important reminder that those in the walk category can only walk.  Runners can run and walk.
Post-run yoga hosted by Oranj Fitness